Custom Programming

Train on Purpose

At the heart of Bluewater Multisport is the desire to help people perform to their highest potential.  We feel called to enable others to be the best they can. The extensive knowledge and experience of our staff can help you to reach any goal you have.  We love working with athletes young and old to help improve performance. All of our performance tools give you access to our staff and their knowledge.  Know you are working towards your goals and know we will do our part to keep you accountable and improve your performance!

Here are some of the ways we can help improve your performance on and off the field:

  1. Custom Exercise Programs:  We can develop an exercise routine specifically for you, your sport, and your goals.  Usually, this starts with an individual assessment and needs assessment. From there we can create a program for YOU which will match up with your needs either in-season or out of season.  
  2. General Exercise Programs:  We have some exercise programs geared towards specific sports or activity levels which we can work with you to accomplish.  Though these programs are not as specific to you as a custom program, they are effective in design and will challenge you to perform your best!
  3. Exercise Programs with Clinical Visit:  This is the ultimate experience.  We can tailor a program for your needs and have a regularly scheduled one on one session to make the most out of your training.