Bike Fit

Don't Guess, Know

Congratulations on making it to this point in your training and searching to optimize your cycling experience.  The BikeFit system offers you the most extensive look at all the connections your body has with your bike (pedals, saddle, bars).  If you have had a bike fit in the past and your cleat position was not addressed, we will gladly help you see position changes, comfort changes, and power-generating changes you may have missed.

Why Focus On The Feet For a Bike Fit?

While cycling, your feet are locked into a specific position on your pedals.  When your feet are locked in on a bike and your cleat position hasn’t been taken into account it is like running in someone else’s footsteps.  It might work, but it also might not. By adjusting your cleat position to YOUR specific geometry, we can get you pedaling pain-free.

Fine-Tune Your Motor

The foot to pedal connection is the power generator of your bike.  It’s not the saddle or the handlebars. These are important, but at the end of the day, they do nothing to propel the bike forward.

Accuracy Is Important

Pedals generally do not allow your foot to move all that much.  You can move around on the saddle and handlebars freely.  Even with the allowable float in some pedals, you are locked into that position.  With the average cyclist pedaling over 20,000 pedal strokes in a 50-mile ride, it should be obvious why the pedal position is important.

We want you to enjoy riding your bike and understand pain while riding is not something you have to put up with.  It more than likely means your set up is incorrect.

Plan on spending about 1-2 hours with your fitter along with a lot of on and off the bike all while you gain a new appreciation of riding!