Run Analysis

Run The Way You Are Meant To

Why Do I Need A Running Analysis? 

Many people assume that running is a TRAINING sport and not a SKILL sport; we beg to differ.  Let’s say that you wanted to take up a new sport such as tennis or golf. Before you start TRAINING for the sport you would be expected to LEARN how to perform the sport-specific movements.  Even the book author of Born To Run realizes the running we do now is not as natural or the running we were made for.

What is The Pose Method?

The Pose Method of Running comes from 25 years of studying human movement. From the study, a singular approach to running was developed.  If you are new to running, this technique may come easier because you have no preconceived notion of how to run correctly. The Pose Method is not just for new runners, it has long-term value for veteran runners plagued by injury.  

Running Analysis To Improve Performance? 

Running is a cyclical movement and any error in that movement compounds over time.  If you are running at 180 steps per minute, mistakes will add up over time and you can do the math. If you are taught the correct movement you can prevent this error and improve performance.  Have you ever volunteered or cheered for a race? What do you notice about the runners at the front of the pack vs the back? The front runners are quiet, efficient, relaxed.  They don’t have flailing arms, rotating hips, loud feet. Once you know the movement of running we can proceed to the TRAINING for racing.  With efficient training comes improved PERFORMANCE.

Running Analysis

What To Expect During My Run Analysis

In your one hour session, we will utilize video analysis of your running form while you run on our treadmill. The video will help us identify areas of concern, and show you what is actually happening while you run.  We will help you perfect your running technique through individualized drills and strength training to promote proper movement patterns.