Do you also run slower than you walk?

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I have had the opportunity to teach MANY Pose Running classes over the past 10 years.  I always open up the class with a question/answer ice breaker.  It usually goes something like

Coach Jenn:  Why are you here for this class today?

Participant 1:  Because I hate running

Participant 2:  Because running hurts

Participant 3:  Because I want to get better at running

Participant 4:  Because my boss told me I had to come


Now mind you, I teach mostly at military installations.  But today I heard a new one.  Today one of my attendees said to me that she actually walked faster than she ran.  Not necessarily due to pain.  She did say she had a few knee surgeries and that her knee did bother her when she ran.  But she mostly stopped running because when she ran, she moved slower than when she was walking.  Interesting.

I started the class, bare feet and all, going through all the important drills, emphasizing the Pose Running position, change of support drill, and working on foot balance and perception.  Then we went outside and practiced wall falls and more pulling drills.  Everyone was getting it pretty well.  I always LOVE to demonstrate hips in front of toes using a belt or band at the hips to help with falling.  Everyone in the class had a slightly different action they had difficulty with.  This makes teaching the class even easier because I can pause and go over the fix.  My first lady was trying to push off the ground.  My second gentleman was late pulling and kicking me in the shins.  My third lady was looking down at her feet and bending at the waist.  My fourth lady was prancing with a cadence of 150 vs 180 spm (strides per minute).  My LAST lady was my I Run Slower Than I Walk Lady.

She was ready and excited.  She didn’t have knee pain or foot pain during the drills.  She was ready to practice falling.  I put the band at her hips and we went BACKWARDS.  BACKWARDS!!!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that was her problem.  Think about it.  If you have ever played a sport where you have to move quickly around an opponent, do you look at their face or at their hips?  Hopefully you all agree that you look at their hips.  Because where the hips go, you go.  If you want to run backwards, your hips are behind your toes.  If you want to run the the right, hips to the right.  If you want to run FORWARD, HIPS IN FRONT OF TOES!  She actually giggled.  Giggled with joy because she was running, well, painfree, and FAST!  The joy I felt in that moment gave me goosebumps.  Has your running method been able to help someone who has pain when they run and runs slower than they walk figure it all out in an hour?

The Pose Method of Running gives you the tools you need to self correct during your run.  It helps you perfect the running pose and gives you the perception and feedback to run well, fast, and painfree.  Pose.  Fall.  Pull.

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Dr. Jenn Gaddy

Dr. Jenn Gaddy

Jenn Gaddy, is a performance Physical Therapist, Certified USA Triathlon Coach, Pose Method Running Coach, Metabolic Efficiency Training Certified Practitioner, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Bike Fitter, Athlete and MOM.

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